Welcome to my site! The past ten years have been a transformation in my artistic expression and I hope that you will get a sense of this progression through my presentation here. Initially what began as a passion for figurative drawing has evolved into a new creative process that I use to create my drawings and paintings today. This approach had it’s origin in the pandemic and continues to evolve having a life of it’s own. Enjoy!



My style of painting and process has its genesis in “surrealistic life drawings” that were begun in an earlier stage in Rhode Island.

Surreal Figurative


After years of drawing sitting models, the pandemic hit and I found myself alone in a house in the wilds of Rhode Island. One day I started to draw after a long hiatus and something completely new happened.

Figurative Drawing


One day in 2012, I walked by Minerva’s Drawing Studio and was drawn in to check it out. I became a regular and was passionate about mastering figurative drawing.